App Development

Have an idea for an app? We all do. Except we work with you to bring your vision to reality at the best price. Me and my partner are experts in the field and have bootstrapped most of our Start-ups like FitTube & Springfield Daily .

Eric is a former financial analyst and project manager, turned online entrepreneur with a strong track record of delivering top performance.  He has over 12 years of experience in financial analysis, healthcare administration, project management, banking, marketing, online development, accounting, project leadership, budgeting, and business management. He loves everything about online marketing, finance, health and wellness, as well as business development.

He enjoy volunteering for various organizations as well as representing his companies at local events, playing sports, fitness, doing market research, and studying personal development.

Eric Broughton, MBA
(217) 725-3329


On the other hand we have Francisco who is a driven, curious, and innovative bilingual technologist and entrepreneur. Passionate about technology and how the web, social media, computer and mobile devices work together. Co-Founder of FitTube, Springfield Daily & many more Start-Ups. An effective and engaging presenter, has a great understanding of the Smartphone user-device interaction, as he was trained and certified by Marketstar & Google.

Beta tester for Google Maps, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Android System Webview which is driving progressive web apps & android instant apps.


Together they bring a passion for technology and their work shows.  We look forward to connecting with you! Feel free to send us an email or visit our website

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