Computer Repair has been operating in the area for over 10+ years. Its founder a native Chilean entrepreneur has been working with technology since he was a child. He taught himself at a early age when his middle school received a grand to put together a computer lab. There he discovered search engines, which crawl the internet for information. That motivated him to learn English to then move to Springfield, Illinois where he resides.

He was also part of the Google Glass Program which enticed users towards  Augmented Reality. He worked for SIU School of Medicine as well as Hospital Sisters Health System where he tested and made prototypes of ideas he came up with. Unfortunately, the healthcare system was not ready for all this technology.

Francisco is also the Co-Founder and Owner of “The Incubator” A new business is coming to Downtown Springfield, located on the corner of 5th and Adams street in the Old State Capitol Plaza, plan on opening a cafe and bar, with an attached co-work space geared towards freelancers and early stage digital media, consumer product and tech companies. Co-Founders, Eric Broughton and Francisco Saravia say the new space will offer fresh coffee, nutritious meals, after-work drinks, and good vibes to push you through that daily grind.


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Computer Repair Near Me - Springfield, Illinois - The Incubator
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