Computer Repair Springfield Illinois

Computer repair Springfield Illinois

Hey! If you are dealing with a computer problem feel free to give me a call  and discuss with me. My rates are very low compared to other competitors and I am usually pretty quick to fix/repair /24 hours most of the time.  10+ years experience ( +5 start reviews )




$75 dollars flat rate on diagnosing and fixing any computer.

$75 dollars to clean up and put the speed back into any computer.

$50 dollars Ram installation if you buy the ram.

$75  dollars  Hard drive installation in laptops and desktops.

$50 dollars Power supply installation for desktops

Customer buys part. These rates are for labor


Please say your name and the reason for calling 773-893-0779

You can also send me a message on facebook visit my page here




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Computer Repair Springfield Illinois

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